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3 Day Potty Training: Is It Possible? January 31, 2015

Potty training girls is tough. Potty training boys is even harder. I’m sure you have come across 3 day potty training methods promising you can take care of potty training in 3 days or less. But you wonder if such methods are just gimmicks. Same here! When I started potty training my daughter, she was such a […]

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Potty Training Books January 24, 2015

Whether you are potty training a boy or girl, books are a really important part of potty training. Even though a  potty training in 3 days method was the key to our success, reading books really helped my stubborn toddler potty train. Here are some of my favorite potty training books. They are all best sellers and rated 4.5-5 […]

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